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Investment tracking made easy

We've got nothing to hide, use an unrestricted demo account to see what we offer. Click Here and we will even sign in for you.


Store all your accounts from all your brokers in one, easy to use spot. Stop using spreadsheets which are hard to use, code, and never give you all the information you need. So simple, you won't need a seminar to learn how to use it.

No Gimmicks

No spam, no selling information, no pop ups, no hassling, no complicated pricing structure. Just a clean, minimalistic, modern interface designed to help you be productive and financially successful.


Built from the ground up, specifically for swing traders and investors, to track your options, and provide only the data point needed to save you time. No install required and simple enough to be used on a phone, tablet, or on your PC.


With a purpose built web application you can leverage the analytics a database brings. Use this information to see where you are most successful so you can focus on your corner of the market. We will help you know where to invest more money and where to invest more time playing.


At $9.99/month it's the cost of commissions on a trade or two. By becoming a member of this platform you help us build out more features and reports that help the entire community. You can also refer others and save on the cost of membership (read more below).


We take your security very seriously, because we want you to stick around. Passwords are stored using a one-way hash, and payment processing is handled by industry leading If you want to stop your subscription we can either keep your data if you think you may return later, or with one click you can delete it all.


Our automated watchlist keeps up to date with the market. It allows you to filter, sort, ignore, and favorite securities that are of interest to you. Charts are provided in a modal window, for easy analysis. As always, it works great on desktop or mobile.

Alerts (soon)

Get alerts on our swing options trades from our larger and smaller account. View our notes, as well as current and previous positions so you can follow along or simply get a feel for someone else's style. If wanted we will send an email when a position changes.


We are constantly evolving and looking for feedback and feature ideas. We commit changes daily for bug fixes, new features, or testing out concepts. Support us with ideas or financially so we can all benefit from its evolution.

Referral Program

We will normally bill you $9.99 (USD) every month, however if you refer someone and they sign up, we will credit your account $1 every month as long as you both are members. If you refer more than 10 people your account will no longer be billed and we will send you a payment via paypal each month for the amount of your remaining credit. Check your credit balance under your profile.

How we Invest

  1. We use Tasty Works to swing trade options.
  2. We use Robinhood to swing trade stocks.
  3. We use TD Ameritrade with Think or Swim to analyze trades.
  4. We use Charles Schwab for low cost index investing in an IRA.
  5. We track them all in Tasty Tracker

See us in action

Watch this playlist to see just how quick it is to manage your account. You'll become more familiar with the platform and hopefully learn some tricks along the way.